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Production Line

In the manufacturing process of machine parts, the processing procedures of the workpiece are rationally arranged on several machine tools, and the conveying device and auxiliary device are used to connect them into a whole. Under the action of the conveying device, the processed workpiece is in accordance with its process flow. All the processing tasks of the workpiece are completed through each processing equipment in sequence. Such a production line is called a mechanical processing production line. The machining production line is divided into assembly lines and automatic lines.



Since the establishment of our company, we have always insisted on being our own brand, with very high quality and a good reputation in the industry。


The company has an entrepreneurial team composed of highly edued and high-quality talents. As the first domestic team engaged in the foreign trade e-commerce industry, it has witnessed the rapid development of foreign trade, accumulated rich experience in food foreign trade business, and formed a scientific management system. The team members are young and energetic, innovative and brave to meet challenges. Have a good sense of social responsibility and strive for progress.

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